Wireless Flash Trigger FOR NIKON
Category:GSHOT Series
Product type:YT21N FOR NIKON
Camera type: Nikon Camera
Control mode: Wireless control / Infrared control
Keyword: 2.4GHz, infrared, wireless, long distance
Price info: undisclosed
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Release date: 2012/1/18

GSHOT YT21N is a type of professional wireless multi-channel flash trigger. It can realize the seperation of flash and camera and connects them wirelessly. YT21N uses 2.4GHz ISM frequency band and adopts FSK modulation in order to guarantee the longer distance and higher anti-interference ability. The control distance in open area can reach 200 meters.

For the basically synchrounous triggering, 2 sets of YT21N transcevers are needed. YT21N can switch between transmit and receive status automatically. Users also can use more sets of YT21N to control multiple cameras and flash/studio ligts. YT21N support wake-up for flash light and synchronous triggering which the max. synchronous speed can be 1/200s. It also can realize wireless/wire shutter remote control through the shutter interface. YT21N flash trigger also contains infrared function so Nikon cameras with infrared function can control flash light with one YT21N installed wirelessly.


Modulation: 2.4GHz FSK modulation
Distance: 200 meters
Shutter release: half-way / full
Shutter Interface:2.5mm
Studio light interface:2.5mm 类型
Battery Type: AAA * 2
Attached Articles: YT21N:2 pcs,   connection wire:1pcs,   manual: 1pcs